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[tbh this is like the best loop I’ve ever made]

This blog is slowly turning into a Childish Gambino fan Tumblr and I’m ok with that because like LISTEN TO THIS SONG. He seriously gets better with every release. Can’t wait for the STN MTN / KAUAI mixtape to drop.


Childish Gambino: “I get it, I’m rap Jesus”

Good morning! Grab some coffee, and spend your next 40ish minutes on this Childish Gambino interview. Trust us. It’s sprawling, sporadic, and unflinchingly honest, covering everything from the events in Ferguson to the end of hip hop to the cultural movement Gambino hopes to lead, a movement so fresh and fragile it can’t yet be named, but only felt.

It’s all a deep and compelling look into one of our generation’s most intuitive hyphenate-artists, and “an important cultural figure.” He ends it with a freestyle that’s straight up fire; all together, it’s the perfect way to jump start your day.

Celeb Man-Crush #1 waxing realness, spitting fire, and looking like a black grandmother. <3

A short and sweet supercut celebrating Pixar’s use of colors through the ROYGBIV spectrum. 

Ha Ha Ha

[circa June 7, 2013]

&#8230; But like actually. :(


… But like actually. :(


I made this song with Jessie Ware for her new album Tough Love. The song is called “Want Your Feeling”.

Get ‘Want Your Feeling’ instantly when you pre-order the new album ‘Tough Love’. Out 6th October (21st October in N. America).
Pre-order the album:

Blood Orange + Jessie Ware = groovy magical ear candy <3

Take the A Train

I Met Somebody…


Miranda July, the avant-garde filmmaker/artist/writer/content creator who introduced us to “pooping back and forth forever" and the eloquent emails of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, just launched an experimental messaging app today called Somebody. It works like this: Instead of directly and instantaneously sending a message to your friend (because that’s like sooo digital and boring), the service is cleverly designed so that a random third-party stranger who’s also on the app (and ideally located near the recipient) has to verbally deliver your message for you IN REAL LIFE.

So after you compose your message, which you can flavor with goofy actions (i.e. *fist bump*, *yawn*) and intonations (i.e. “romantically,” “gently”), the app provides the sender with a list of Somebodies / potential deliverers who are nearby. If nobody’s available to send your message, you can just let it “float” anonymously in this purgatorial cloud space, where it can be viewed by all Somebody-users, who can then decide if they want to take on the mission of delivering your message (to someone who is essentially a complete stranger to them). Once this daring delivery-person has tracked down the recipient (based on GPS data and a profile pic provided upon registering), he/she then verbally relays and performs the message-script out loud to the recipient. And then the deliverer and the recipient share this awkward magical bonding moment and voila! Message: Delivered. 

If that was difficult to wrap your head around, then I’d recommend just downloading the damn thing and exploring the interface. It’s a quirky, bold, sophisticated, and playful social experiment / public art project that’s all about bringing random strangers together, and I’m all about that… which is why I volunteered to deliver someone else’s floating message! I mean, that’s the whole point of this thing, right? 

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My mom left me this message way back in 2011, and I saved it because, for some reason, it just screamed “hip-hop club anthem” to me? Like, after playing it over and over again, I had this bizarre revelation where I couldn’t un-hear this rhythmic, sample-worthy quality in how she says “Friday night… Saturday night…”; so then I imagined chopping it and looping it, and slowing it down just a tad, and adding layers of high-energy percussion to it, until finally I was bobbing along to this insane, maximalist, amorphous beat I had produced in my head… you (kinda/sorta) hear it too, right?! In her cadence? Or am I just cray-cray?

Anyways, my mind wanders to questionable places, but I’ve always wanted to learn how to mess around with music editing software like Logic/Reason/Ableton, so I might as well focus my tutorial project on sampling my mom’s irate late-night voicemail into a catchy hip-hop club-banger hook??? What’s a good program for beginners? Basically what I’m asking is: HOW DO I BECOME KANYE WEST/RICK RUBIN?

Btw, pictured above is indeed Mama Roy herself, in her 20’s I think, pulling off the sari-with-aviators look like a boss. :) And here’s a rough Bangla-to-English translation of what she’s saying in the voicemail: "What’s going on, son? You do it on a Friday night, you do it on a Saturday night, what’s the deal?! Call me!"

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