5 Pretty Good Things About Ft. Myers

1. These Food Network-approved maple bacon and s’mores donuts from Bennett’s Fresh Roast. 

A photo posted by Rahul Roy (@zedinuo) on Oct 10, 2014 at 6:37am PDT

Not pictured: BOTTOMLESS COFFEE. Not sure if that’s a common café thing, but it’s totally a thing here. God bless Bennett’s. 

2. The nonsensical, too-expensive-to-fix(?) decimal point in the sign for this “New York-style” Chinese restaurant.

A photo posted by Rahul Roy (@zedinuo) on Oct 10, 2014 at 4:16pm PDT

Seriously, what’s the story behind this? Did the sign guy just mess up and the owner was like “yeah, let’s go with that”? What’s “New York-style Chinese” (and why)?! And doesn’t Letterman/Leno roast shit like this? Who do I submit this to? So many questions.

3. PUBLIX SUBS (duh). No Insta-licious visual aid for this one, but trust me, it’s for your own good — your stomach will get mad at me and I don’t want you drooling all over your phone/keyboard. Google image-search (or click on that hyperlink) if you dare. NSFW. 

BUT, if you ever do find yourself in Florida for some reason, I recommend getting the Publix turkey (or Boar’s Head turkey if you fancy) sub on multi-grain bread with SUB SAUCE (the key “Chemical X” ingredient here), plus whatever toppings and condiments you so desire. It’s the signature sub of the Siblings Roy. Trust us. 

4. The beach is like right there and it’s really pretty and picturesque at sunset. 

A video posted by Rahul Roy (@zedinuo) on Oct 10, 2014 at 10:40pm PDT

So pretty and picturesque that I captured like 4 Hyperlapse videos and a bunch of Phhhotos, which I’m planning on cutting together into some kind of short music video thing (a la this weird little Kanye video I made), possibly set to this Childish Gambino track… 


imageFor now, pretentiously captioning this photo: “Front Row View of the End of the World” / “Let’s Grab a Six-Pack and Watch the Universe End” (best Futurama episode ever, btw). 

5. Obligatory shoutout to Mama & Papa Roy (duh). Mostly for taking care of me these past 5 or so days while I’ve been (slowly-but-surely) recovering from getting 3 wisdom teeth yanked out of me. Still on a soft-food diet since it still kinda hurts to chew and HOLY SHIT DO I MISS PUBLIX SUBS… never taking “hard food” for granted ever again. :’[

ataribarbie said: How did you do on your Braid assignment? I am in the process of getting my MA in Art History at SAIC. The reason why I ask this is due to the fact that I am currently researching on Braid at the moment cause I am writing my thesis around video games.

Hey ataribarbie (awesome handle btw)! Sorry for responding so late to this message (like, what, 2 years later? yikes, I’m the worst). Hope you got your MA with flying colors, though. SAIC’s an awesome school, and Braid is such a rich game. I got an A on my Braid paper, which primarily focused on how the game’s mechanics / “procedural rhetoric” communicate its message (critique of traditional game design + allegory about the atom bomb). I’d actually love to read your thesis, if you don’t mind / if it’s finished. What exactly about videogames did you write about? Can you reply to this reply? Honestly not sure how Tumblr messages work. :/ 

Movies I Need to See in the Near Future

Dear White People — Getting a Do the Right Thing-meets-Election vibe from all the trailers I’ve seen thus far, and I am all about that. First-time writer/director Justin Simien seems like a smart dude, based on his recent interviews on Fresh Air and Colbert, and this looks like a fun, fresh, and fiercely blunt satirical take on the issue of modern-day, covert racism in Amurkah. Also, just had an IMDB epiphany and am now excited to see two minor Veronica Mars alums (Jackie and Beaver) reunited on-screen. <3

The Tale of Princess Kaguya — Just look at how the above teaser clip MOVES and tell me you don’t want to see more. This looks like yet another beautifully animated masterpiece from the masters of animation over at Studio Ghibli, and the fact that it was painted by the directorial brush of the legendary-yet-overlooked Isao Takahata makes me double-excited. If you’ve never seen a Takahata film, please seek out the following ASAP: Pom Poko, a bizarre and surreal folk tale about magical shapeshifting raccoons with enlarged scrotums(?!) protecting their forest from urban development; and Grave of the Fireflies, a devastating wartime drama about two orphans that will break your fucking heart. Sure, Miyazaki gets all the praise and attention for his crowd-pleasing whimsical fantasies (with the exception of his restrained, grounded swan-song The Wind Rises), and rightfully so, but Takahata’s bolder, riskier, and darker, so despite its roots in popular Japanese folk lore, I’m not expecting Kaguya to play it safe… and my body is so ready for that.

Birdman — This just looks like an awesome, manic, and visually-arresting black comedy, and freaking Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu is directing it so that’s… cool? 

So those are my top 3. Anything else I should be excited about?!

The gloves are off, the wisdom teeth are out

What you on about?

I feel it in my bones… I feel it in my bones

Wisdom Teeth

Earlier today:

It’s 9:40 am and I’m waiting with my parents in the waiting room from hell. Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakuel is squeaking on the flat-screen, which is set to that annoying soap opera-looking hyper-smooth “motion plus” picture setting that is the default in so many TVs nowadays (why?! this shit has been grinding my gears for a while now). These two little kids, brother and sister, are running around and screaming and not watching the movie (because even they know it’s terrible). Their mom’s face clearly says “too early for this shit.”

Nurse finally calls me in and it’s showtime (thank gods). I recline in this vibrating massage-chair from heaven and shield my eyes from the light with some plastic shades. The dentist enters and casually begins the operation with little fanfare or pep talk, just dove right in like it’s another day at the office and another set of teeth to pull. I feel pricks of localized anesthesia as he injects this mystery serum into the three wise corners of my mouth. Numbness gradually freezes over. A (phantom?) lump feels like it’s lodged in the back of my mouth. It’s tough to swallow, and I need to remember to breathe through my nostrils. I sit and wait for the numb to take over. My hands are sweating. Then the dentist comes back and it’s crunch time, quite literally. An audible *crunch* is heard as the dentist digs into the first tooth, and forcefully unscrews it from my gums. No problem. I feel almost no pain, just pressure and vibrations, but I hear everything — that crunch several more times, the muttered exchange of esoteric dental jargon, the clean-up suction, the high-frequency laser-like whir of this pressurized water pen (surely heavy artillery that was needed to get this last tooth out, which felt like it wasn’t ready to be evicted just yet).

In about 45 minutes, with only some minor difficulties, it was all over, and I felt nothing. Three teeth were unscrewed from my mouth and it must’ve looked like a bloody massacre in there, but none of this made it to my brain. It was never the operation itself that made me nervous (I was actually kind of excited about experiencing anesthesia for the first time, but that was anticlimactic and only kinda profound) — it was always the daunting recovery period. The pain that would set in as the numbness slowly fades. Biting down on gauze pads to soak up all the blood pooled in my mouth, while grappling with the irrational fear that maybe it won’t stop bleeding. The soft food diet for at least 24 hours. Basically just not being “normal” for a few days. Most people would relish the excuse to just relax and zone out with the help of Vicodin (or “Flying V” as my friend Steve and I like to call it), to kick back and mindlessly play a video game (maybe it’s time to dive into Stick of Truth?) or watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix (mmm “comfort TV”)… but I just bought salad materials! And fresh apples! And I have a dope workout playlist and I’ve been googling “how to…” everything and I’m just eager to get going because her words are still echoing in my head and I can see her confident smile and I don’t want this feeling to fade. But I also can’t dwell within the safe confines of that conversation… just take away the feelings and the lessons and go. 

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Revelation of the Day: I need this in my life.

Revelation of the Day: I need this in my life.

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Harder Better Faster Stronger

If anyone in Tumblr-land needs musical fuel for getting fit, here’s a pretty awesome workout playlist I made today (can’t view on mobile). And if you wanna follow me on Spotify, just look up rohulray. I gotchu. ;)

Let It Out

There’s so much I wanna say on here, and have already written down in messy stream-of-consciousness in my own private (but equally mystical) writing pad (i.e. Evernote, or my Moleskine journal when my hands decide not to be sweaty). But I always get caught between two minds and feel paralyzed by the stage fright of writing for an audience, writing as performance, releasing thought-doves into the public ether… <— see, that last thing was so unnecessary but that’s the kind of flashy performative reflex I give into. I’m talking about the weight of “#personal” but like actually getting personal. Not that the stakes are even high, it’s just this tug-of-war anxiety of expressing yourself with this external gaze in the back of your head. Being hyperconscious of that lens is tiring and it weighs you down. I always give into reticence and moan “what’s the point?” or “I’m such a cliché” or I get bogged down by “style” and lose sight of the substance and just end up not writing anything. 

I also don’t wanna get caught in the act of cryptically waxing poetic and dancing around something personal because that feels like an exhausting exercise in restraint yada-yada-totally-doing-it-right-now. I just want to speak my mind in simple, plain words, in so many words. So here’s a screenshot I took of a true thing I posted on Secret yesterday, which kinda defeats the point of Secret but that’s okay:


Sooo okay not saying I now want to share and divulge every little personal thing in my life, because personal things are just that — they’re personal. They’re for you and nobody else. Because it may in fact be impossible to avoid the pitfall of performance on a platform like this. But I do want to express myself more, freely and openly and without petty anxieties. 

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The Motion

[tbh this is like the best loop I’ve ever made]

This blog is slowly turning into a Childish Gambino fan Tumblr and I’m ok with that because like LISTEN TO THIS SONG. He seriously gets better with every release. Can’t wait for the STN MTN / KAUAI mixtape to drop.

This is where I, Rahul Roy, occasionally LET IT OUT.


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